Blaire + Brandon Step Into The Limelight | The Ringling Museum | Sarasota, FL

What an amazing day we had with Blaire and Brandon on this beautiful day in May. We started off the day at the Westin in Sarasota where both Brandon and Blaire got together with their bridal party to get ready for the big day. The time quickly came to put on the dress. Blaire looked spectacular in her gown! We traveled to The Ringling where both the ceremony and reception would take place right at the Ca D’zan. The view was gorgeous and this couple made it even more beautiful. There was floral EVERYWHERE in both ceremony and reception. A harpist played a song which gave way to Blaire’s walk down the aisle which was just a beautiful moment to cherish.

Once the ceremony was done, we went into the mansion and to the top of the exclusive tower that had an amazing view. This couple made it picture perfect and it was so much fun!

Brandon and Blaire, we really enjoyed being a part of your special day, congratulations!!!

Lead Photographer | Carlos Rello
Associate Photographer | Kara Lerchenfeld

Bridesmaid Dresses | Monique Lhuillier
Cake | Outrageous Cakes
Caterer | Puff n Stuff
Ceremony Site | The Ringling
DJ | Jamaal Day
Event Planner | Swanky Soiree
Florist | Botanica
Hair Stylist | Destiny & Light
Harpist | Kristen Elizabeth
Invitations | Crane
Make-up Artist | Destiny & Light
Reception Venue | The Ringling
Trolleys | Siesta Trolley
Videographer | Vibe Chaos
Wedding Gown | Isabella Talya

Katie + Giorgio Step Into The Limelight | Powel Crosley Estate | Sarasota, FL

In September 2010, Giorgio's fraternity was hosting an event. After the event ended, there was an after party that Giorgio was going to. Katie also ended up going to this same party through some mutual friends. Later on that night, they met and it was history since.

The two officially started dating on November 12, 2010. Giorgio had invited Katie to join him in Marco Island for the weekend. He had also arranged to have dinner at Da Vinci's and then to watch the Sunset at Resident's Beach. On the beach Giorgio officially asked Katie to be his girlfriend.

Katie was just finishing up her last couple of weeks of nursing school. For the longest time, She was told they were going to go to Marco Island that weekend. Unfortunately, Katie had to cancel the plans last minute. Little did she know, Giorgio had planned to propose that weekend on April 29, 2017. Giorgio quickly figured out a backup plan. That week, Katie had officially received her first job offer as a registered nurse. Giorgio took this opportunity to plan something and told her they were going out to dinner to celebrate the new job.

That Friday before dinner, Giorgio told Katie to go to the mall and he would buy an outfit for her for dinner the next day. On the way to dinner, Giorgio told Katie they were going to some cool place for drinks. They went to Oystercatchers, which is right on the water in Tampa. Both of them ordered drinks at the bar and then Giorgio stated he wanted to go outside. Before going outside he "went to the bathroom" aka gave his phone to the hostess to take pictures. Little did Katie know, Giorgio had gone to Osytercathces the day prior to tip the hostess and to take pictures the following day.

Katie was so confused as to why Giorgio wanted to go outside especially since it was the first hottest and most humid day of the season (about 95 degrees out). He said “come here I want to show you the view”.

As they were walking to the water, Katie could not even figure out what was happening until She turned her head and Giorgio was on one knee asking marry Katie!!!

What an amazing day we had with Katie and Giorgio in mid March 2019. Their ceremony and reception was fully decorated with floral and green foliage. Katie wore a stunning gown that made her look spectacular. Giorgio wore a blue suit that made him look sharp. The two said their I-Do’s at the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota FL. It was a great wedding day for the two fully of laughter and dancing. Congratulations to the newlyweds!!!

Lead Photographer | Carlos Rello
Associate Photographer | Alexa Rodriguez

Bridesmaid Dresses | Showmeyourmumu
Cake | Olympia Catering
Caterer | Olympia Catering
Ceremony Site | Powel Crosley Estate
DJ | DJ Cory Barron
Event Planner | Kimberly Hensley Events
Hair Stylist | Style Hair & Make up
Make-up Artist | Style Hair & Make up
Reception Venue | Powel Crosley Estate
Videographer | Tampaniac Pictures
Wedding Gown | The Bride

Clara + Abraham Step Into The Limelight | Powel Crosley Estate | Sarasota, FL

Clara and Abe met in Kindergarten where they played and picked on one another. During the school year Abe’s mother had a parent teacher conference where it was brought up that there was a little girl that he always played with. Their teacher said to Abe’s mother “I wouldn’t be surprised if these two get married one day”… and here we are!  

Even though they did meet in Kindergarten, Abe and Clara didn’t date while in school. They both liked each other but didn’t have the courage to say it to one another. It wasn’t until four years after high school that they started talking and eventually dating.

Abe proposed to Clara at midnight on New Years Eve, she said yes, and they began the 2018 New Year even more in love as a newly engaged couple! They love spending time together watching movies, exercising, cooking, hiking, and making each other laugh. 

During Clara and Abe’s wedding their family surrounded them with so much positivity, love, and light. You could feel the absolute joy and happiness in the room. I am so genuinely happy for this couple and their family and I am so lucky to have witnessed their love for one another.

Congratulations Clara + Abe on your greatest adventure and living #HappilyEverHerrera!

Lead Photographer | Stephanie Duffany
Associate Photographer | Keyont’e Howard

Cake | Milan Catering & Event Design
Caterer | Milan Catering & Event Design
Ceremony Site | Powel Crosley Estate
DJ | Grant Hemond and Associates, Inc. | James King
Event Planner | Milan Catering & Event Design | Anastasia Taylor
Florist | Oneco Florist | Kathy
Hair Stylist | Bride
Invitations | Vista Print
Make-up Artist | Bride
Reception Venue | Powel Crosley Estate 
Wedding Gown | Something Blue Bridal Boutique

Julianne + Eric Step Into The Limelight | Powel Crosley Estate | Sarasota, FL

Eric and Julianne met at work in June of 2015 and got engaged on November 14, 2017 in Napa, California. While Julianne believed the trip to Napa to be for Eric's 30th birthday - she was surprised to find that the week-long trip would be to celebrate their engagement.

Eric proposed to Julianne on her parent's wedding anniversary at Crocker and Starr Vineyard. Pam Starr allowed them to visit her private property and enjoy a small Chapel that family had utilized for Wedding Ceremony's in the past.

Fast forward to their wedding day in February of 2019, the two had their wedding day at the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota. They had always wanted somewhere private and secluded so they could enjoy the company without any interruptions and the Crosley was exactly that!

Their beautiful wedding decor consisted of red floral and white floral, gold chairs and white linens. Julianna made signs along with the wedding favor tags that were placed on all the tables for guests to enjoy. 

What a beautiful day it was with this gorgeous couple. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Lead Photographer | Carlos Rello
Associate Photographer | Alexa Rodriguez

Band | Phase 5 
Bridesmaid Dresses | Bellas Bridemaid
Cake | Milan Catering
Caterer | Milan Catering
Ceremony Site | The Powel Crosley Estate
Event Planner | LoveLeeLane
Florist | Ever After Vintage
Hair Stylist | Lasting Luxe
Invitations | Minted
Make-up Artist | Lasting Luxe
Reception Venue | The Powel Crosley Estate
Wedding Gown | CC’s Bridal Boutique
Photo Booth | Vintage Car Photobooth

Amanda + Joseph Step Into The Limelight | Powel Crosley Estate | Sarasota, FL

Amanda and Joseph met a little over 6 years ago while living in Chicago. Amanda fell in love with Joe’s kindness, humor and how well he would take care of her. While on a trip in Europe, Joe proposed to Amanda and she said yes! Together, they enjoy traveling and collage football. Their sense of humor is perfect for each other and keep their relationship at its best.

Amanda and Joe had a beautiful ceremony at the Powel Crosley Estate, on the patio of the estate. Friends and family gathered to witness Amanda join the hands of the love of her life. As she walked down the aisle, both Amanda and Joe had the biggest smiles - they were so happy to see each other! After the sweet ceremony, Amanda and Joe joined their guests in a tent fully decorated with hanging lights, travel-themed center pieces and beautiful floral arrangements. They danced and celebrated the night way!

Congratulations to the newly weds!!!

Lead Photographer | Carlos Rello
Associate Photographer | Alexa Rodriguez

Cake | Publix
Caterer | Milan Catering
Ceremony Site |  Powel Crosley Estate
DJ | Grant Hemond
Event Planner | Milan Catering
Florist | Flowers by Fudgie
Hair Stylist | Lilis Wedding
Make-up Artist | Lilis Wedding
Reception Venue | Powel Crosley Estate
Wedding Gown | CC's Bridal