About Us

Michael and Rebecca Zoumberos own Limelight Photography, a luxury boutique studio that includes a world-class team of photographers. We began exclusively photographing WEDDINGS on Valentine's Day of 2006.

Each artist at Limelight Photography has a passion for their art and contributes their own unique edge and flair. Each photographer’s work has its own character, yet maintains the consistent, high standards of the Limelight brand. You will experience this harmonious blend of synergy the moment you STEP INTO THE LIMELIGHT. Learn more about our Lead Photographers and view their portfolios here.

Capturing your love story and wedding day to relive over and over is such a joy for us. For the ultimate experience, we invite your to visit our studio, nestled inside of a renovated barn on a seven-acre horse ranch. 

Our MISSION is to serve as a Kingdom Business and have an impact through influencing change within the community we serve, the people we touch, the wedding industry, and bring transformation to our world. The vision of our business is outlined through our five purposes:

  1. Love others and let His light SHINE through us as we share His hope and peace with everyone we encounter.

  2. Run a successful and honest business that provides a living for the members of our Limelight Family.

  3. Provide excellent customer service & high-quality luxury wedding images to our clients.

  4. Use part of the profits generated through Limelight Photography to fund mission trips to bring hope to the beautiful people of Z'Orange, Haiti.

  5. Give ALL the glory to God!