Nicole and Matt Featured in the Limelight
St. John Vianney Catholic Church and The Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront
St. Petersburg, FL | St. Petersburg Wedding Photography

In 2010 Matt started a job with Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress in Orlando, FL. Little did he know it would be more than just the start of a new career. During the first few weeks of his job he attended the hotel's orientation and met one very special girl. Months went by and Matt and Nicole had become good "work" friends. But that wasn't enough....Matt felt a connection, a feeling inside that he knew was more than just "work" friends. When Nicole won employee of the month, Matt was very proud and decided he was going to tell her just exactly how proud, but he was going to do it in his very own symbolic way. With a sweet, handwritten card,  chocolate and last but not last a deck of cards. Why a deck of cards? well in this sweet and nicely hand written card, he ended it with "take a gamble on me".... and she did.

After 5 years, Matt and Nicole had traveled together, laughed together, cried together, lived cities apart, bought a home together, joined 3 dogs together and even gotten a 4th dog together. It was FINALLY time for Matt to make Nicole a married woman. Although all along, Matt knew she was his bride, in 2015 he finally came to the realization it's time to make that known to the world.

On August 28, 2015, the plans had been set, everything was in motion. Matt had been traveling for training for his new job and was arriving the day this was all supposed to "go down". After landing at Tampa Airport, he walked through the terminal calling everyone involved to make sure the plans were set. He waited for Nicole to pick him up then they began their road trip to Orlando "for the weekend."

After their dinner, they received a "unexpected" upgrade to a gorgeous bi-level suite including a ginormous walk out balcony. Matt made plans with Nicole, "spontaneously", to watch fireworks after dinner. When getting back to the room from dinner to watch these fireworks, there was a lovely pathway of fresh red roses leading to the balcony. As they followed the path they stepped out to the balcony and she noticed there was a table set up with Champagne...and 15 glasses so she says "wait a second, what's going on here". So Matt (in an attempt to divert her attention from the obvious) pulls her closer to him and faces the direction where the fireworks would be. With a trembling body and a racing heart, he starts to say "This is where it all started, 5 years ago. We've built a wonderful life together, have wonderful 4-legged babies, a wonderful home and a wonderful family", as he turns her around, " who I couldn't do this without" and he unveils their entire family standing in an alcove. Matt pulls a box out of his pocket, opens it, drops down to one knee and says "Nicole Maria Corsetti WILL YOU MARRY ME". With tears in her eyes and smile on her face, she doesn't say anything. With a faint voice from the alcove questioning "did she say yes?" Nicole responded with "yes, ABSOLUTELY”.

Nicole and Matt love each other’s passion, drive, love for one another and family. Both are successful, goal oriented and share the same visions and values. They enjoy spending time with their dogs, traveling, football, going to the gym and watching TV shows.

St. Pete/Clearwater is home to family, and their hotel is centrally located for guests to enjoy time before and after wedding. Their wedding colors were inspired by fall season and exuded a classic, elegant style. The favorite parts of their wedding day were the First Look, exchanging vows, their First Dance, the Cake and the Photographers:) Nicole and Matt picked and planned the wedding together based on what they like together. The reception was fun and filled with dancing!

Photographers | Rebecca and Michael Zoumberos

DJ | Grant Hemond
Bridesmaids Dresses | Athena's Bridal
Cake | The Artistic Whisk
Ceremony | St. John Vianney Catholic Church
Florist | Lee James Floral
Hair and Make-up Artist | Michele Renee The Studio
Invitations | The Write Stuff 
Reception | Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront
Videographer | Lexoria Films
Wedding Gown | Athena's Bridal
Photobooth | Tampa Event Photobooth