Morgan and Tyler are Featured in the Limelight | Sacred Heart Catholic Church | Embassy Suites | Tampa, FL | Tampa Wedding PHOTOGRaphy

I always wonder how couples find each other, it's always so interesting to hear the stories. This couple found each other when it was the right time for them. God's perfect timing. Morgan met Tyler at the Red Mesa Cantina for the first time. Upon this first meeting, chemistry struck. Tyler persistent, won Morgan over Both Morgan and Tyler have such charismatic and fun personalities... this is lovely but what's more, the two are SO thoughtful to others. They put aside themselves and mind others. They are content in life and find joy in the little things. They found a street intersection that was the corner of Tyler and Morgan Street, we just had to make a pit stop there on their wedding day! I am just so enamored with these two as a whole. When I say as a whole I include their family and friends... it takes a village, and when the village is strong, beautiful things will come.
Congratulations to Morgan and Tyler, may God bless you two in your life and your marriage!

Wedding Ceremony | Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Reception | Embassy Suites Downtown Tampa
Bridal Gown | Legends by Romona Keveza
Bridesmaids Dresses | CC's Boutique
Band | None Other
Wedding Planner | Jessica Ralphe with Parties a la Carte
Flowers | Maureen Shaw with Flower Cart
Makeup and Hair | Style Hair and Makeup