Michelle and Doug Are Featured In The Limelight | Grand Plaza Resort
St. Petersburg, FL | St. Petersburg WeddinG PHOTOGRAPHY

On this day in Chicago a snow just started to fall. For Michelle and Doug whom travelled from that area, they surrounded themselves with close family and loved ones away from the snow and onto the beach at the Grand Plaza Resort. They met in November years before tailgating and something special struck.  A commonality, a sense of security, a push for adventure, a love of laughter. It was just easy for them to get to know one another. Something struck then and grew into a beautiful marriage.  Folks came from all over, Chicago, Arizona and family in Florida all celebrating the love of these two. Never once did I see Michelle frown, never once did she complain, to the same Doug laughed along with his friends and was so easy going. I could tell they were taking in the day, they were enjoying the small and big moments apart and together on this beautiful day. We were so thrilled to be a part of it and more so to know this wonderful couple! From an engagement in Thailand to a marriage in Florida following a honeymoon in Hawaii. Michelle and Doug know happiness and even better know contentment with each other, in their lives and with their loved ones.  We feel blessed to be a part of such a perfect day for these two, and wish them the best as the move closer together as husband and wife!

Photographer | Carlos Rellos
Associate Photographer | Alexa Rodriguez

Venue | Grand Plaza Resort
Florist | 2birds events
Videographer | Lexoria
Officiant | Reverend Rick Lackore with Sensational Ceremonies 
Band | Matt Winter Band