Kathy and Alan Featured in the Limelight | Lido Beach Resort
Lido Key, FL Wedding Photography

Every couple is unique, and each wedding has its own flair. Kathy and Alan - as both a couple and their wedding - really stood out. They came down from Chicago to the beautiful Florida beaches to have their wedding in just a few short hours with just their closest friends and family with them. It was a genuine celebration of their union, and it showed in their countenance throughout the months and days ahead, as they weren't worried about a single thing! When Alan went to pick up the glass he had selected for the traditional Jewish glass breaking, it slipped out of the shopkeeper's hand and broke! It was quickly replaced with another, but Alan wasn't worried a bit; and as he recounted the story to the Rabbi before the Ketubah signing was held, they were even able to discuss a way that could be a sign of good luck! Mazel tov, Kathy and Alan!

Lead Photographer | Stephanie Duffany
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford

Venue and Caterer | Lido Beach Resort
Florist | Beneva Flowers