Jamie had met every Jewish man in Boston, or so she felt. With many of her friends cozied up in warm relationships amidst the cold, snowy winter of 2015, she had nearly given up hope.

Just then, an OkCupid message arrived. It was from a handsome, Jewish man hailing from Montreal, but living nearby in Cambridge -- a geographically desirable location! “Your snow pants are pretty epic. I still wear the same old, boring black. Well done!” he said. A skier and a member of the tribe?! Jamie was intrigued!

They agreed to meet at Barcelona Wine Bar in Boston’s South End. When Jamie arrived, she was pleasantly surprised. Adam greeted her at the door with a warm smile, and things were off to a promising start.

Fast forward a few months.  After a drink at Ward 8, Adam gathered the courage to ask Jamie to “go steady.”  Jamie delightedly agreed. After 31 years of moving more often than he ever would have expected, Adam was excited about the prospect of “settling down” in Boston.  Jamie loved Boston, and had no plans to leave. “There’s just one thing,” she added. “I took a call from a recruiter in San Francisco this morning, but I’m sure it’s going nowhere.”  

Adam already knew that he would rather move than lose this girl. As it became clear that Jamie’s career would be taking her to San Francisco, Adam sold off his favourite black leather couches and moved out of his beloved Cambridge bachelor pad.  Without furniture or doubt, Jamie and Adam packed their essentials in his trusty Subaru: “California, here we come!”

You cannot help but feel the sincere love these two have for each other.  When asked what they love most about each other…”Everything!” Awe❤️ Adam’s humor and Jamie’s sincerity are two of their most endearing traits. He liked it so he put a ring on it 🎶 These two are the ultimate #Hipsters. They enjoy Subarus, traveling, Reggaeton, skinny jeans, Warby Parkers, Costco, coconuts, avocados, oatmeal, dairy-free milk alternatives, finding a great deal and planning. Together they are very active and they love to ski, bike, hike, yoga, cook, read, and host great parties…so it only makes sense their wedding as so fabulous! 

They were insured with the planning of their wedding by their love of family, the outdoors and all things vintage. The atmosphere was fun, semi-formal and had a modern twist on vintage.  The traditional Jewish ceremony, and saying their personalized vows in front of their family and community right near the water was such a highlight of the day! Jamie said part of her vows in French and Spanish as a little tribute to Adam, his background and the languages he speaks. She said the first few sentences in French and the second few sentences in Spanish. Then she switched to English. It was really fun to see the father of the groom Richard when Jamie started to speak in French. He was floored! The rest of the audience was also amazed (including Jamie’s Mom who was also probably confused at first!), especially the folks from Quebec. When Jamie said the part in Spanish, the MOH Ariella and Best Man Jonny were also shocked!

One of the best moments of the day was when a torrential downpour and tornado like winds blew in out of nowhere. While waiting for the rain to blow over, Jamie and Adam ran to the front porch and laughed and danced and snuggled. They were overjoyed that this rain means good luck on the wedding day - and it cooled things down! Nothing was going to steal the joy from these two! 

In summary, Jamie and Adam along with their guests celebrated and felt Vegan (ish).  Kosher (ish).  Drunk (ish).  Happy (very).

#StoberWinsGold #TheGoobers #GoldShtober

Lead Photographers | Rebecca + Michael Zoumberos 

Caterer | Milan Catering and Event Design
Ceremony Site | Powel Crosley Estate
DJ | Grant Hemond | Jason Tally 
Event Planner | Milan Catering and Event Design
Florist | Milan Catering and Event Design
Hair Stylist | Dagmara Szostak
Invitations | Minted
Make-up Artist | Dagmara Szostak
Reception Venue | Powel Crosley Estate
Wedding Gown | Bridal Galleria