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New Years Eve is a celebration across the world. We celebrate the year we had and ring in the New Year with hope for peace, prosperity and love. For Danielle and Sean, this particular New Years Eve showed even more significance. They not only were ringing in the New Year with loved ones but more importantly were married on this day. From the weather, to the little moments all the way to the countdown for the new year, there was no denying this was the perfect day for them to wed. Most of the celebration (ceremony to the end of their formal reception) was located on the beach under the stars. It had the beauty of a timeless wedding, what we loved most were their personalities! Both Sean and Danielle had a spunk about them, something that just pulled you in! They were so full of life and so kind to each other and everyone around them. Not only that, all the guests meshed so well together, we couldn't see a divide in the group, it all flowed along so beautifully. And both Danielle and Sean were so kind to each person, not just their guests but EVERYTHING involved on this day. They enjoyed little moments with each guest, recognized birthdays, other celebrations of life, Bowl Games all the while trying not to miss a beat of their own day. While that is a lot to take in on one day, especially on a day like New Years Eve, they seem to do that with such succession that they did not forget this day was about their marriage to one another. We were thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful celebration on such a significant day for everyone across the world. Congratulations to Danielle and Sean, may your life together be filled with the continual laughter, joy, contentment and selfless love you showed us on 12.31.16 and 1.1.17:)

Lead Photographer | Stephanie Duffany
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford

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