Ana and Brendan Featured in the Limelight | St. jude's cathedral | Renaissance Tampa Plaza Hotel | Tampa, FL | tampa Wedding Photography

Brendan and Ana met a Macdinton's on a Tuesday night. Ana was there meeting up with friends and Brendan was with his kickball team. Ana and Brendan crossed paths through a mutual friend that happened to be on Brendan's kickball team. After some conversation, karaoke, and dancing, Brendan asked Ana for her number. Two days later, Brendan and Ana went on their first date, and have been together ever since.

On their 4 year anniversary, Brendan took Ana to Ocean Prime to celebrate. When they arrived, Brendan surprised Ana with a private booth with rose petals on the table. After they sat down, the server brought them 2 glasses of champagne. Ana thought Brendan really went out of his way to make their anniversary special.

Brendan started giving a speech about how amazing the past 4 years have been with Ana and that he has never been so happy in his life. Ana still did not know Brendan was going to propose. Brendan started getting out of the booth. Ana just thought he was taking off his jacket because he was hot. He made his way to her side of the booth and reached in his jacket pocket. He pulled out the box, and dropped down to one knee. At that moment, the restaurant became completely silent. He looked up at Ana, who was in shock at this point, and said, "Will you be my wife?" Ana's answer, of course, was "Yes!"

They planned a beautiful and elegant ceremony at the St. Jude Cathedral in St. Pete, and afterward, the entire bridal group took a party bus over for some fun special photos at the Vinoy Park. The cocktail hour in the courtyard of the Renaissance was bustling with laughter while a violin soloist provided entertainment. During the reception, the Latin band kicked it into high gear for Ana and Brendan and their family and friends, who enjoyed the lavish ballroom decorated with pale pinks, crystal chandeliers and champagne and gold accents. It was an incredibly enjoyable day all day long, and we wish Ana and Brendan all the happiness in the world!