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For most weddings, I typically will write up how they met and/or engagement but for these two after photographing their engagement session and wedding, I just LOVED both of their personalities! Amanda wrote the time that Nate proposed so well and it being so interesting, fun I have to use their words to set the tone of these two wonderful individuals. 

'The plan was that Amanda would pick up Nate from the airport and the two of them would travel to (Nate's) family reunion together the following day.

Under any other circumstances, Amanda would have parked the car and met Nate at baggage claim, but she was operating on very little sleep and desperately wanted to pick up Nate, get takeout and go home for the night. Amanda got Chipotle and Nate got Zaxby's - the two couldn't be happier - or so she thought.

Finally, they make it to Amanda's apartment on the south side of Jacksonville and the two enjoy their guilty pleasures while watching the BET Awards. At Nate's request, Amanda gets up to retrieve Nate's drink and as she turns around to head back to the living room, she sees Nate, only a few inches away from her, falling to the ground. As he's going down, she hears a loud shredding sound, followed by a heavy thump. Confused and concerned, she asks Nate if he's alright. Seemingly okay, Nate pulls out a red box from his pocket, but Amanda fails to notice the box because all of her attention is focused on the gaping tear in Nate's jeans. Nate managed to tear his jeans from knee to crotch as he was falling to one knee and Amanda was understandably distracted.

Despite the rough landing, Nate continued with the proposal and opened the red box and pulled out a gorgeous ring and asked Amanda to marry him. Still, till this day, Amanda has no idea what Nate said during his proposal, but she will always remember the moment Nate split his pants."

On their wedding day, there was no split pants, no extremely tired individuals but instead we beheld two awesome individuals who travelled back to Tampa (Amanda's hometown) to say their I do's! The ladies and gentlemen both were so much fun and courteous. There was a buzz of excitement as the day flowed. Their humor, fun and blending of two wonderful families ensued as Amanda walked down the outdoor staircase of the Marriott, down an elegant black and white runner to a man that stood before her beaming as he watched her. They let the day flow the way it should and took in aspects along the way. The classic look of black and white with a pinch of chartreuse and gold. The day was bright but Nate and Amanda shined even brighter! We just loved how lovely these two were! You could hear how much they were loved by their family and friends, with positivity and joy, the officiant was handpicked and made it personal, the speeches by the best man and maid of honor were thought out and original. We took a ride to University of Tampa for a few moments with the bridal party and the two, laughter and dancing on the bus brought such a fun element and memory for everyone involved.  It was such a beautiful day for these two and we felt so blessed to be apart of this love and celebration. Their humor, kindness and love is one that can stand the test of time!

Please help me in congratulating Amanda and Nate! Yours was a special one, and thankyou for allowing us to document it! Here are some favorites from that day!

Photography by Limelight Photography 
Photographer | Sam Farmer

Wedding Gown | YSA Makino - Kleinfeld Bridal
Hair and Makeup | Darcy Buckley and Marissa Phelps
Ceremony and Reception | Marriott Waterside Hotel and and Marina
Venue Coordinator | Jeni Wallace
Cake | Sanai Sweet Temptations
Florist | Artistry Designs Group
Band | The Black Honkeys
Event Planner | Barb with Artistry Designs Group

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