Adrian and John Featured in the Limelight | The Ringling | Sarasota, FL Wedding Photography

John and Adrian met at the Cheesecake Factory on August 10, 2013. To hear John tell the story of how their romance blossomed really is so sweet and funny too! John was interested at their first date and was trying to get Adria engaged in conversation, but she was a bit shy and reserved and was trying to feel out his intentions. John said he was about to give up and then Adria suggested they head over to another restaurant together. John thought for sure that the conversation would then spark put, but still Adria was not giving him any signals that she was interested. Finally she reached over and touched his hand and that was all it took for the spark to ignite! John proposed on Secret’s Beach in Kuai, Hawaii. It does not get much more romantic than that!

Michael and I instantly felt connected to this sweet couple when we met them for their engagement session. We were hit with an unexpected rain shower that was not on radar, but they were remained upbeat throughout the session and I really got to see their spontaneous side and also they showed us how they are so genuine and humble and truly value their relationship. 

They had a large wedding with over 100 guests planned out. However, they came to the realization that they wanted their wedding to be about their marriage union and focus on their immediate family, rather than all the pomp and circumstance. They completely changed their plans and opted for an intimate ceremony at one of the most beautiful venues in Florida. Not to mention the weather was perfect and Adrian is simply gorgeous. They are a genuine couple who put their family first and focused on the true meaning of a marriage. It was beautiful to witness and very nice to see! It was so awesome to focus on the marriage union and their immediate family. The majesty of the architecture of the Ca’ d’ Zan tower and the Gulf of Mexico gleaming in the background were so impactful, and everything was so simple - 10 guests - two floral arrangements - one speaker with classical music - no chairs - yet so beautiful and powerful. They also had custom-engraved wine crafts and a glass for a special wine ceremony to share their first glass of wine as husband and wife.

The entire group then moved to the back of the Ca’ d’ Zan mansion to lounge in a casual circle, drink champagne, laugh, talk and celebrate while taking in the beautiful scenery. Next, we all went to The Capital Grille where a few of their closest friends joined us for an amazing dinner party! 

I just absolutely loved everything about this couple and this wedding. I was reminded once again why we do what we do! 

Lead Photographers | Rebecca and Michael Zoumberos

Cake | Cakes by Ron
Ceremony Location | The Ringling | Ca' d'Zan Mansion
Officiant | A Wedding with Grace | Grace Felice
Florist | Beneva Flowers
Hair Stylist | Stephanie Alexander
Make-up Artist | Krista Worth
Reception Venue | The Capital Grille
Wedding Gown | CC's Boutique | Maggie Sotero