Laura + Austin Step Into The Limelight | Downtown St. Petersburg, FL


Laura and Austin found out that each other existed July 29th 2017 when they matched on Tinder. Austin sent the first message to Laura. They didn’t meet in person until August 18th 2017 at Doc B’s at International Mall after Laura had previously canceled the first date attempt.

Austin proposed down by Tampa Bay with their brand new puppy Mason (who they had just brought home <24 hours prior). He said he wanted to play with Mason down by the Bay and when they got down there, he found a bench for them to sit on. As they were sitting there, he said that he bought a new collar for Mason. He explained the collar was too big for her now, but that she would grow into and hopefully last forever. But that wasn’t the only thing he wanted to last forever that day! That’s when he got down on one knee and asked Laura to marry him. He also had a “Will you marry me?” message printed on the new collar’s tag. Laura was so distracted with letting the puppy down that she went running to get Mason before he could get the ring on her finger. Two of their friends were there hiding to take pictures.

Laura and Austin complete each other perfectly. They are very similar in their interests/greatest pleasures/beliefs (God, family first, football, exercising, eating, wine, traveling) and also very different. Austin is much more relaxed but also very particular. Laura is a planner and more high strung. Austin prefers cold weather and Laura would take the beach any day. Laura loves the way that Austin always knows the perfect moments to kiss/hug/tell her he loves her. Laura can easily tell when he is extremely passionate about anything and he always gives 100%.

Laura and Austin are just incredibly lovely people and make such a beautiful and sweet couple. What a perfect evening we had capturing their love on a gorgeous evening in downtown St Pete!

Lead Photographers | Michael + Rebecca Zoumberos