Kate and Justin Step into the Limelight | Sand Key Park | Clearwater Beach, FL Engagement Portrait Photography

Kate and Justin met 6 years ago in Charlotte, NC when a neighbor introduced Justin to Kate. It turns out the neighbor is Kate’s mom! One the years they got know each other first and friends and then began dating long-distance. In March of 2016, Kate moved to Florida to be together full time. Kate and Justin picked out the engagement ring together, but Kate did not know when Justin was going to pop the question! The coupe had just returned from a trip, Justin picked up their son tyler and the ring. As soon as they got home, Tyler asked Justin - “What about the ring?!” SO with Tyler as his wing man, Justin asked and Kate said “YES!” The moment was very intimate and special.

This sweet family is adventurous and on-the-go taking their son Tyler to parties with his friends and the park to run around and burn off some energy! Kate and Justin also enjoy time to relax, go to the beach and travel up north.

The first date for this session had to be rescheduled due to weather. But it was well worth the wait! We had clear skies, a warm sun and a slight cool breeze when we met at Sand Key Park. We connected right away and felt like fast friends instantly! Kate and Justin are truly in love and they were so natural in front of the camera. They made our job so easy! Tyler was so great as well! He loved his adventures climbing on the rocks but was eager to jump in some pictures as a family as well.

Photography Team | Rebecca + Michael Zoumberos