First looks, a new tradition




First looks have become a trending custom for many great reasons. The newlyweds are able to share a very special moment seeing each other for the very first time on their big day. Being able to hug, kiss, cry, laugh, express amazement and joy for each other and their big day, creates an entirely new spectrum of intimacy for the occasion. These are all strong emotions and private moments that might be a little harder to express in front of every guest at the ceremony. With first looks, the couple can fully savor and enjoy the first moment of spending the rest of their lives together!

Also, being able to see your soul mate before one of the most significant moments in your life tends to help couples relax and not be so nervous before the ceremony. Incorporating first looks before the ceremony also constructs more time into your wedding day. The first look permits more time to spend with each other, family and guests! Newlyweds may choose to spend this additional time to take many more pictures with each other or family & friends, have a private moment alone to enjoy each other, or join their guests to enjoy cocktail hour - which normally is spent taking all of the formal portrait pictures.

 First looks also create more intimate, candid photos. It’s more romantic and photographers are able capture raw genuine joy. It creates a wedding day that’s less stressful and filled with more meaningful moments. This new tradition definitely becomes one of the more special moments from any wedding. It’s a private time for each other to share excitement and love.


Fist looks become a moment that couples will look back upon for decades to come. It’s a private and personal moment that no one can share, but the couple. There are many benefits of a first look that creates fairy-tale moment in time for your special day. Here are some special moments Limelight Photography has had the pleasure to capture.