Unplugged Weddings Trend

As some of the top professionals in the wedding photography business, we know how important it is to have great photos of your wedding day. Our goal is to capture the love you share with your spouse to be and tell the story of one of the greatest days of your life. Whether you are having a simple ceremony or getting married in the courtyard of a grand hotel, you hire a professional to get the best possible images of the day and deliver a stunning a wedding album for you to treasure for years to come. And that is what we want for you, as our client. And there is a simple way to help us accomplish this.

When you talk with your photographer, ask us about having an “unplugged ceremony”. An unplugged ceremony is a request made to your friends, family, and other guests to silence and put away all electronic devices and cameras for the duration of the wedding ceremony. This way, your guests will be able to give their full attention to and fully enjoy the event happening in front of them. Believe it or not, the smartphone has become the most popular camera in the world with more than 2.8 million photos taken every day around the world. Asking your guests to put away these distractions allows them to be fully present on your big day.

Another  not-so-obvious reason we recommend this type of ceremony is that we have encountered many situations where smartphones and cameras that show up in photos become distracting and even a few instances where the image was unusable because of it. I’ve included a few samples below of images from our archives that fall into this category.

This would be an important shot to have for a bride to remember the look on her groom’s face when she walked down the aisle. How many iPhones do you see? I think I even see a GoPro.

Yes. There are even people who bring their iPad to the wedding for photos.

It would be great to see how happy the bride and groom were after just being married and “Uncle Bob” had to get the picture first.

Despite these horrific examples, professional photographers still deliver all so many beautiful images that tell the story of the day without the distractions you see above. But don’t worry! You don’t have to stress whether this will happen to you. There is an easy way to gently ask your guests to attend the wedding ceremony unplugged. Pinterest has a plethora of ideas for signs and invitations that will introduce the idea and remind your guests that you would like them to put away distractions and support you both on one of the biggest days of your lives.

Let your guests know that you care about them and treasure the relationship you have with them. It would mean more to you to have them not be distracted by their phones and giving you their full attention. Once the ceremony is over, let them know they are free to capture their memories and take as many pictures as they would like and post to social media. It is up to you whether or not to share pictures of the ceremony with them to share after the event.

Having an unplugged ceremony is just one way to help people really experience and remember the joy of your wedding day with you. As you plan your ceremony and reception, don’t get caught up in the minutia of every detail, instead let your thoughts be on the goal of the day and how, at the end, you will be happily married and all of the beautiful moments will be captured one way or another!

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Spectacular Sparkler Send Offs

Sparklers are a magical way to send the bride and groom off into their lifelong adventure together. The twinkling of the sparklers light up the faces of the bride, groom, and their loved ones. These couples let their love shine bright as they stepped into the Limelight.

Here is a collection of our favorite sparkler exits.

Happy Father's Day from limelight photography


We wanted to wish all the hard working, dedicated, loving father's out there a very Happy Father's Day! A father's bond with his daughter is like no other, and is nurturing like no other. They are the protectors, and the ones to go the distance to provide a child with whatever they may need. In honor of that, we asked a few of our brides to share the feelings that were exchanged with their dad on their big wedding day!

"I could go on and on about how special my dad is to me as I'm sure many daughters could. The first look with my dad was a very special moment and one I will forever remember. I don't think he likes to get too mushy and emotional with me, but at this moment, I could feel all of his emotions get completely soft as our arms folded together in a hug. He teared up. I had to hold back my tears. I'm so lucky to have him and so blessed he was present to give me away to my husband. He will forever be the first man I loved."- Lauren + Kyle | 4.30.16

"All I can really say is that I'm an only child and was always a "daddy's girl" growing up. Still am :). We are extremely close and I look up to him so much. He is a wonderful man and I always hoped I could marry one that treats me like he treats my mom. Luckily I found John! Exactly what I was looking for. Both of them are true gentlemen. I think in that moment my dad and I were just really happy and overcome with emotion that this day had finally arrived. He loves John like a son and it's awesome to know that my family really, truly loves who I married. When I was growing up I was pretty much a "tom boy" learning how to shoot guns and playing sports with my dad. He taught me how to change oil in cars, haha! So in a way, I was kind of like the son he never had, but now he really has a son that he loves to hang out with and do guy things with. It's just an all around great relationship. "- Adrian + John | 5.14.16

"My dad and I are very close and he had been looking forward to this day (and also dreading it) for a while. When I was dressed and ready to go, I wanted to be able to give him a first look. When he walked in and saw me, he beamed. I was going to wear my grandmother’s ring on my right hand so she would be close to me on my big day and having him place the ring on my finger was very special."- Francesca + Tim | 2.6.16

"One of the most cherished moments and memories from my wedding day was my Dad seeing me for the first time in my wedding dress.  We had a few minutes together and I was able to give him the gift I had made for him.  The words I chose came from deep within my heart; thanking him for walking by my side everyday of my life and reassuring him that I will forever be his little girl.  As he later stated in his toast that night, I have been daddy's little girl since the day I was born.  A father and a daughter share a very special bond and I know that I am truly blessed that I got to share my special day with the first man I ever loved."- Christy +Mark | 2.27.16

"With so much going on during our wedding day, walking down the aisle with my dad was a great moment because I knew he was so happy to be one of the big stars of the show, and how excited he was to have my husband join our family. Many of the groomsmen in our wedding who got to spend time with my dad kept telling me how cool they think he is, and that made me appreciate even more what a great dad I have!" - Sarah + Sam | 4.23.16

"When my dad first came up to my room to escort me down to the wedding, it was an overflow of emotions: love, happiness, and excitement. It was a special moment that I'll remember forever and one of the moments that in all the commotion of your wedding day, you somehow remember every bit of that brief moment after the fact. He hugged me and told me how happy he was for me and how much he loved me. As I went to put his boutineer on, I'll never forget that extra sparkle he had in his eye- that sparkle reassured me that I was about to marry my soulmate."- Claire + Bryson | 2.20.16

"These were a few of the most amazing moments captured on my wedding day. Growing up, my Dad always carried a handkerchief. This was the perfect gift for my Dad on my wedding day! My dad has always been there for me, and is my biggest supporter. We have been through a lot over the last several years, and our bond continues to grow stronger. A father is the glue that holds a family together. These pictures mean the world to me, as they truly captured the love between a father and his baby on her wedding day."- Kerry + Stevie | 4.23.16

Dogs in Engagement Sessions and Weddings


These dogs are officially Featured In The Limelight! At Limelight Photography we always love to welcome our furry friends to weddings and engagement sessions. They are just as much family as the rest of the guests!  Our photographers love animals and are always happy to make photos more memorable in any way possible. Check out some of our favorite pet photos over the past five years!

We welcome YOU and your pet to Step Into The Limelight.

Support Tampa Bay Watch


We are huge marine animal lovers!!! Tampa Bay Watch is a non-profit organization, they rely heavily on grants, memberships, wedding rentals, donations, and fundraisers to keep their programs going.

As a Tampa Bay Watch Corporate Member, Limelight Photography is an active partner working to protect and restore the Tampa Bay estuary. Our unique estuarine environment helps drive the local economy, provides habitat for a variety of important wildlife, and is a primary factor in the quality of life for the region. Corporate Members help make Tampa Bay a healthier, more desirable place to work and play. They also influence and support the education of thousands of young people, teaching them the importance of environmental stewardship.

For more information on how you can donate or become a member please visit their site here: https://app.etapestry.com/hosted/TampaBayWatch/OnlineMembership.html

First looks, a new tradition




First looks have become a trending custom for many great reasons. The newlyweds are able to share a very special moment seeing each other for the very first time on their big day. Being able to hug, kiss, cry, laugh, express amazement and joy for each other and their big day, creates an entirely new spectrum of intimacy for the occasion. These are all strong emotions and private moments that might be a little harder to express in front of every guest at the ceremony. With first looks, the couple can fully savor and enjoy the first moment of spending the rest of their lives together!

Also, being able to see your soul mate before one of the most significant moments in your life tends to help couples relax and not be so nervous before the ceremony. Incorporating first looks before the ceremony also constructs more time into your wedding day. The first look permits more time to spend with each other, family and guests! Newlyweds may choose to spend this additional time to take many more pictures with each other or family & friends, have a private moment alone to enjoy each other, or join their guests to enjoy cocktail hour - which normally is spent taking all of the formal portrait pictures.

 First looks also create more intimate, candid photos. It’s more romantic and photographers are able capture raw genuine joy. It creates a wedding day that’s less stressful and filled with more meaningful moments. This new tradition definitely becomes one of the more special moments from any wedding. It’s a private time for each other to share excitement and love.


Fist looks become a moment that couples will look back upon for decades to come. It’s a private and personal moment that no one can share, but the couple. There are many benefits of a first look that creates fairy-tale moment in time for your special day. Here are some special moments Limelight Photography has had the pleasure to capture.