Dafne Spencer | Lead Photographer + STUDIO Manager

"While meeting with my other wedding vendors, every time they asked who we booked as our photographer, their eyes lit up at my answer! I was so impressed by their attention to detail, and Dafne captured our day SO beautifully. I can't begin to thank your team enough!" Laura + Ryan Oehler

"If we could give this staff and the company they work for, more than five stars, we would! Dafne was so amazing to respond right away to any questions we had in the lead up to our wedding and followed up right after. Customer service is outstanding. Limelight Photography is an amazing company to do business with." Ryan + Melissa Rivas

"Dafne, our photographer, was amazing! She was so detailed and professional. She communicated with us regularly and scheduled calls with us to make sure our visions for photos were on the same page. Every detail was covered from what accessories we wanted photographed, to the names of our family members that we wanted in our family photos. We definitely recommend Limelight and Dafne!" Gina + Danny Park

"Dafne helped coordinate the timeline so we could get all of the photos that we wanted. I'd highly recommend Limelight to everyone. If you have a gut feeling that you're not going to get the photos you want out of your current photographer you're probably right! Don't second guess yourself, leave it to the professionals with the best reputation in the market and step into the limelight." Noreen + Sean Powely

I can truly say that this life is filled with so much wonder. It is an honor and pleasure for me to be able to share in such sweet, tender, loving, funny, and sometimes even a little hectic moments with you... I look forward to meeting you and the ones you love so dearly... truly 💕

I hold a passion for wedding photography for the simple fact that we get to capture life, we get to be a part of your joy, laughter and happy place. We get to see your beauty and we get to see you and the important people in your life just doing life together with you... Isn't that just awesome?!

I like keeping things organized and getting tasks done with a purpose. I also love to express myself with words and I love to interact with people {I am very much a people person}. I enjoy encouraging people in their journey to greater things and I appreciate learning new things about people.

I have been photographing weddings with Limelight Photography since 2013. I love being part of something honest, sincere, appreciative and unique. Limelight has thought me to persevere and be the best version of me I can be.

And in case you were wondering - here are 10 random facts about me:
I am originally from Curitiba, Brazil.
I am married to a wonderful man and I have a beautiful five year old little girl.
I LOVE God with all that is within me.
I love to worship.
I went to Blake High School and majored in Chorus.
Fall is MY favorite season.
I spread Nutella on my waffles.
My favorite book is "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
I prefer to be around people rather than be alone.
I speak Portuguese, Spanish and English.