Katie + Giorgio Step Into The Limelight | Powel Crosley Estate | Sarasota, FL

In September 2010, Giorgio's fraternity was hosting an event. After the event ended, there was an after party that Giorgio was going to. Katie also ended up going to this same party through some mutual friends. Later on that night, they met and it was history since.

The two officially started dating on November 12, 2010. Giorgio had invited Katie to join him in Marco Island for the weekend. He had also arranged to have dinner at Da Vinci's and then to watch the Sunset at Resident's Beach. On the beach Giorgio officially asked Katie to be his girlfriend.

Katie was just finishing up her last couple of weeks of nursing school. For the longest time, She was told they were going to go to Marco Island that weekend. Unfortunately, Katie had to cancel the plans last minute. Little did she know, Giorgio had planned to propose that weekend on April 29, 2017. Giorgio quickly figured out a backup plan. That week, Katie had officially received her first job offer as a registered nurse. Giorgio took this opportunity to plan something and told her they were going out to dinner to celebrate the new job.

That Friday before dinner, Giorgio told Katie to go to the mall and he would buy an outfit for her for dinner the next day. On the way to dinner, Giorgio told Katie they were going to some cool place for drinks. They went to Oystercatchers, which is right on the water in Tampa. Both of them ordered drinks at the bar and then Giorgio stated he wanted to go outside. Before going outside he "went to the bathroom" aka gave his phone to the hostess to take pictures. Little did Katie know, Giorgio had gone to Osytercathces the day prior to tip the hostess and to take pictures the following day.

Katie was so confused as to why Giorgio wanted to go outside especially since it was the first hottest and most humid day of the season (about 95 degrees out). He said “come here I want to show you the view”.

As they were walking to the water, Katie could not even figure out what was happening until She turned her head and Giorgio was on one knee asking marry Katie!!!

What an amazing day we had with Katie and Giorgio in mid March 2019. Their ceremony and reception was fully decorated with floral and green foliage. Katie wore a stunning gown that made her look spectacular. Giorgio wore a blue suit that made him look sharp. The two said their I-Do’s at the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota FL. It was a great wedding day for the two fully of laughter and dancing. Congratulations to the newlyweds!!!

Lead Photographer | Carlos Rello
Associate Photographer | Alexa Rodriguez

Bridesmaid Dresses | Showmeyourmumu
Cake | Olympia Catering
Caterer | Olympia Catering
Ceremony Site | Powel Crosley Estate
DJ | DJ Cory Barron
Event Planner | Kimberly Hensley Events
Hair Stylist | Style Hair & Make up
Make-up Artist | Style Hair & Make up
Reception Venue | Powel Crosley Estate
Videographer | Tampaniac Pictures
Wedding Gown | The Bride

Staci + Juan Step Into The Limelight | Carrollwood Country Club | Tampa, FL

Staci + Juan met through Myspace in 2008, when Juan was commenting on her pictures and trying to message her. She eventually decided to message him back and that was how they realized they went to the same school. Staci was a freshmen and Juan was a sophomore. They became really close friends and Staci always knew that he really liked her, but it took her longer to get there. Eventually she ended up developing a huge crush on him. They decided to date, but it didn’t last as Staci moved and went to a different high school for her sophomore year. They lost touch until they ran into each other while attending college and that’s where their friendship picked right back up where they left it. They remained friends for a while until Juan told Staci that he loves her and he has for a very long time. Juan then told her that no one could ever treat Staci as well as he would and no one could ever love her as much as he does. 

They began to date on March 12, 2013 and have been together ever since. On a very cold Christmas Day in 2016, Juan + Staci were up in the mountains spending time with Juans’ family when they decided to go outside for a hike. They stopped for a moment to enjoy the view and were discussing how beautiful the scenery was and how much fun they were having together. Juan told Staci that “nothing could ever be more beautiful to him than me”…at that moment he took a knee and asked Staci to spend the rest of her life with him.

There are so many things that Staci + Juan love about one another and that even after five years they continue to find new things to love. Staci loves how goofy they are together, and how vulnerable they can be with one another. They are never afraid to express themselves or to be open and honest with one another about anything. However, their most absolute favorite thing is watching one another be parents to their daughter Kendall. Staci loves how much Juan loves their little girl and how he is THE BEST DAD EVER!

Congratulations Staci, Juan, + Kendall!

Lead Photographer | Stephanie Duffany
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford

Bridesmaid Dresses | CC’s Boutique
Cake | Publix
Caterer | Carrollwood Country Club
Ceremony Site | Grace Lutheran Church
DJ | Celebrations of Tampa Bay
Florist | 4 Season’s Flowers & Design
Reception Venue | Carrollwood Country Club
Wedding Gown | CC’s Boutique | Martina Liana Style 870
Photo Booth | Solid Gold Entertainment

Jennifer + Mike Step Into The Limelight | Paradise Spring | Lithia, FL

In 2016 Mike stumbled across Jenn's Twitch stream because she was playing his favorite game, The Last of Us. They became fast friends and spent countless hours hanging out and gaming together online. While spending their anniversary in St. Augustine, they were taking a walk through the beautiful historic town. Everything just felt right so Jenn knelt down and asked the question!

“I love Mike's good heart, how he cares so much about others and the loving way he treats animals too. I love his sense of humor and how well it meshes with my own. I love his never-ending enthusiasm for life, always coming up with new fun things to do and never letting us fall into routine. I love how sensitive and romantic he is, he's so loving and always surprising me with small gestures. I love how supportive he is of my passions and dreams, he is very involved in my stream and always rooting for me. He has never missed one of my shows.I love his problem-solving mind, he's not one to give up on any problem, he'll always think of a solution and work to fix it. I love his voice, his laugh, his face, everything about him.” - Jenn

“Falling in love with Jenn happened in an instant. She always brings the best version of myself out of me in every situation and always makes me look inside of myself and think about things from a different perspective. There's never ever enough time in a day to spend with her and I'm constantly looking for new things to do and experience with her. She makes me laugh all the time, makes my heart race and melt all at once. She has the kindest heart I've ever known and an unrivaled sense of empathy. Just seeing her face makes me smile and I feel so lucky and special to be able to share my time and my life with her and to watch her grow into an even more wonderful person every single day.” - Mike

Together they enjoy gaming, watching movies, going on walks, playing card games, binging TV shows on Netflix, going to restaurants, going to Disney and visiting Connecticut.

Jennifer and Mike wanted somewhere quiet and filled with nature away from the normal tropical and beach-type areas and venues so commonly found in Florida. Their wedding day outfits matched the overall color palette of their wedding and fell in line with the nature-infused and floral theme.

They selected all of the designs and details about their ceremony and reception. They compromised along the way to make sure the day was special and meaningful to both of them. Just knowing that their wedding is a culmination of both of their efforts and creativity made this day special and unique to them. The wedding vows, the first kiss the food and seeing all of their friends and family there to support them and their life together and share their special moments with them was beautiful to witness. 

All of their hard work and planning came together to create a beautiful and enchanting scene with the floral decorations, the ceremony area in the secret garden and for their reception on the Villa patio. The entire day was a romantic and intimate escape to a secret garden surrounded by family and loved ones to celebrate the partnership they share. They wedding was nature-infused, rustic-filled and lush with flowers and trees….A tucked away fantasy.

Lead Photographer | Rebecca Zoumberos
Associate Photographer | Michael Zoumberos

Bridesmaid Dresses | Mori Lee | Athena’s Bridal Boutique
Cake | Hands on Sweets
Caterer | Vesh  
Ceremony Site | The Secret Garden at Paradise Spring  | Love Lee Lane + Ashley Hinton Moody
DJ | Grant Hemond & Associates
Event Planner | La Niña Event Planning & Design
Florist | 2birds Events
Hair + Makeup | Elena Joseph Hair & Makeup Designer
Invitations | Minted
Officiant | A Wedding with Grace | Grace Felice
Reception Venue | The Patio at Paradise Spring
Videographer | Fox Grove Films
Wedding Gown | Truly Forever Bridal

Rachel + Anthony Step Into The Limelight | The Birchwood | St. Petersburg, FL

I don’t think we ever danced so much at a wedding before! We could not stand still. The room was so alive and filled with JOY, it was contagious! 
That’s how the whole day was for these two. They beamed happiness!
Rachel & Anthony dated for 7 years before tying the knot in front of close friends and family. They enjoy cooking and traveling (always in style).
St. Paul's Catholic Church is a particularly meaningful location for Rachel as she attended elementary + middle school there and now Rachel got to marry the love of her life where so many other beautiful memories took place. Rachel loves Anthony's big heart for people and she admires his generosity and kindness. Rachel is more of a reserved gal who finds pure contentment in being genuine and loving towards others.
Rachel & Anthony’s wedding day was the epiphany of classic elegance meeting “the need to party!” Their guests enjoyed a night of dancing surrounded by glamour and long-lasting memories at the never disappointing Birchwood in downtown St. Pete.
Rachel & Anthony, we know you both will enjoy life. We wish you both ALL the dancing and “amazing culinary” life can possibly bring.

Lead Photographer | Dafne Spencer
Associate Photographer | Kara Lerchenfeld

Bridesmaid Dresses | CC’s Bridal Boutique
Cake | Sweet Divas Cakery
Caterer | The Birchwood
Ceremony Site | St. Paul's Catholic Church
DJ | First Class Entertainment
Event Planner | Crystal | Chantilly Chic Celebrations
Florist | 2Birds Events Florist
Hair Stylist | Femme Akoi
Make-up Artist | Femme Akoi
Reception Venue | The Birchwood
Videographer | Voila Cinematic
Violin + Cello | Sunset Strings
Wedding Gown | CC’s Bridal Boutique

Dawn + Charles Step Into The Limelight | Fenway Hotel | Dunedin, FL

Dawn + Charles’ story began when they met on an online dating website. They are both big into health and fitness and love to train together by cycling, skiing boating, and hiking. Dawn + Charles are also hardworking and in their off time they love to live life large and travel.

Charles proposed to Dawn at a private beach in the Bahamas after enduring a very rough sea day on their boat. On the day of the proposal he knew the timing was right when all of a sudden the wind seized and the clouds opened to reveal the sun. He knew it was his late mothers presence and took it as a sign from above that Dawn was the one!

Congratulations on becoming husband and wife Dawn + Charles!

Lead Photographer | Stephanie Duffany
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford

Cake | JJ Gandy’s
Caterer | Fenway Hotel 
Ceremony Site | Fenway Hotel
DJ | Grant Hemond and Associates
Event Planner | Melissa, Elite Events Tampa Bay
Florist | Beyond Floral
Hair Stylist | Shook Color Bar
Invitations | Inviting Business
Make-up Artist | Shook Color Bar
Reception Venue | Fenway Hotel
Wedding Gown | Nikki’s Glitz and Glam Boutique
Cellist | Rose Mallare