Kacie + Toby Step Into The Limelight | Sandpearl Resort | Clearwater Beach, FL

Kacie and Toby met at a party. They were drawn to each others’ very easy-going personalities. They are very adventurous and love exploring new sites and actives. Kacie owns a dance studio and Tobin proposed at one of her dance recitals in front of 600 people! 

Their wedding day was a perfect event for two people who are so in love with each other. They enjoyed the beach location celebrating with their friends and family and so much fun was had by everyone! It was so special when Kacie’s friend Maria sang during the reception and to experience the choreographed dance routines at the reception. 

Lead Photographers | Michael + Rebecca Zoumberos 

Bridesmaid Dresses | Simone’s Unlimited
Cake | Chantilly Cakes
Caterer | Sandpearl
Ceremony Site | Sandpearl
DJ | Grant Hemond & Associates 
Event Planner | Artistry Designs Group
Florist | Artistry Designs Group
Hair Stylist | Monji Godfrey
Make-up Artist | Michele Renee the Studio 
Reception Venue | Sandpearl
Videographer | Friend of family Zack Stauffer
Wedding Gown | Kleinfeld New York

Michele + Jim Step Into The Limelight | Sandpearl Resort | Clearwater Beach, FL

Such a fun couple! We LOVED spending time with Michele & Jim on their wedding day.

They know how to love! We all felt it… their guests were all “let in” Michele & Jim made sure to spoke to each guest and hugged their necks. It was a sixth to see!

Michele & Jim, enjoy racing, hockey, their harley rides and travel time… but most of all, they enjoy each other’s company. Each look, each smile, each gesture was so genuine and filled with deeply rooted love. 

They planned for a beach ceremony but what they got was an unexpected last minute change a plans, but did that effect anything? Not at all! They smiled their way through and recited their vows inside as the rain poured outside. This did not seem to phase them… they just went along and their love shined through beautifully.

The skies eventually did clear way and we were able to grab some sunset pictures for Michele & Jim by the water. 

They all danced the night away and had a blast making new memories together.

We are so happy to have been a part of such an incredible day with Michele & Jim, ALL the best to you!

Lead Photographer | Dafne Spencer
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford 

Bridesmaid Dresses | David's Bridal
Cake | Sandpearl Resort
Caterer | Sandpearl Resort
Ceremony Site | Sandpearl Resort
DJ | Grant Hemond and Associates, Inc. | Mike 
Florist | 2birds Events
Hair Stylist | Michele Renee The Studio
Make-up Artist | Michele Renee The Studio
Officiant | Sensational Ceremonies | Rev. Rick Lackore
Reception Venue | Sandpearl Resort
Wedding Gown | David's Bridal


Jessica and Josh were married at the Sandpearl Resort in a beautiful destination beach ceremony and reception!  The couple traveled down from Ohio with their closest family and friends to enjoy a long weekend getaway together to celebrate their marriage!  After photographing the couple getting ready we began their wedding day with a sweet first look before their ceremony.  Jessica and Josh were so happy to see each other and have a private moment alone prior to their big reveal to their guests on the Gulf Lawn for their ceremony.  With toes in the sand the newlyweds exchanged vows and rings and celebrated their union with a sand ceremony.  We were blessed with not one but two beautiful bride and groom sessions!  We worked quickly after the ceremony with overcast skies and approaching rain but that made for a clear beach and some really beautiful portraits!  After dinner we were able to go back out to the beach to see what kind of sunset the storm clouds would provide us and we were definitely not disappointed!  We were treated to beautiful light and the storm created a spectacular sunset that turned the most vibrant shade of purple through the clouds.  It was Florida’s beauty at it’s finest!  Jessica and Josh were more than willing to risk a few rain drops for us to be able to capture these stunning portraits!  The couple enjoyed an energetic and fun reception dancing the night away in the Harbor Ballroom!  Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Keller!  It was a pleasure to work with you both on your amazing wedding day! 

Lead Photographer | Sarah McDonald
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford

Band/DJ | Grant Hemond and Associates
Bridesmaid Dresses | Coastal Colored Dresses from Dessy Group
Cake | Cakes by Nomeda
Caterer | Sandpearl Resort
Ceremony Musicians | Strings Attached
Ceremony Site | Sandpearl Resort
Florist | Iza’s Flowers
Groom’s Attire | Men’s Warehouse
Hair Stylist | KyleLynn
Invitations | Minted
Make-up Artist | KyleLynn
Reception Venue | Sandpearl Resort
Wedding Gown | Something New Borrowed & Blue


Miranda and Brennan had a beautiful summer wedding at the Sandpearl Resort and Spa. Friends and family traveled in from all over to join these two at one of their favorite beaches, the beach they met at. Brennan remembers the day, “Miranda and I met on Clearwater Beach. It was a pretty chance meeting. I'd been playing some pickup volleyball that morning. She had been studying on a towel with the sand flying around her. Since I'd just learned to read, I figured we had something in common. I'd actually stopped dragging my knuckles on the ground and started learning to use utensils a couple of weeks prior, so the timing was great. I started teasing her about studying on the beach. She was staying with her uncle Paul in Dunedin while on an Anesthesia rotation at Largo Medical. Throughout medical school Miranda had spent a lot of time with her class at the beach in Sarasota. Sometimes it was to relax after a hard test and sometimes for the quiet calm necessary to study. For Miranda the beach was her time to clear her mind and stalk sun soaked men covered in sand. Like a hunter on her perch she was camouflaged against the beachy background. I had clumsily wondered into range. Her breathing steadied, her pupils dilated, her quiet energy level began to rise, and like Bambi, I never had a chance. She'd set the bait well. Her blonde hair and fitness model body in a tiny bathing suit laid out with the books was intriguing. After a little volleyball and chitchat I was getting hungry and invited her to take a break. She'd told me her name was Michelle. I could tell we were off to a great start. Frenchy's was right behind the sand courts offering an opportunity to get to know each other. In that moment we simply enjoyed the company, oblivious to the future that had been set in motion. Finishing our meal the conversations rolled on till sunset. Wandering the beach we eventually ended up at Caretta's on the Gulf. Caretta's was part of the Sandpearl Resort on Clearwater Beach and would ultimately be the place, where 5 years later, we would hold our wedding surrounded by our closest friends and family.”

The engagement:

“Wednesday nights in Jamaica are reserved at Jake's (jakeshotel.com), a little resort laid into the coastal rocks of St. Elizabeth. This is the kind of remote place found in the love scenes of a spy movie. Twinkling lights drip from the trees. Romantic tin lanterns hanging over an ocean fed pool. It's the kind of place where the moon floods over thatched roofs and candle lit tables glitter against a black Caribbean Sea. For our dinner that evening five long tables had been lined end to end in the sand to accommodate our large party. Fortunately for me the evening usually starts with a few rounds of frozen rum drinks. Tonight Dr. Webster and I were co-conspirators. I'd told him my plan earlier in the week. It was his job to make sure I got a moment to speak before dinner. It was satisfying to know the excitement of the evening was mostly being carried by the enthusiasm of our students and doctors. This would make the plot of our evening so much more fun. During our tour of the property, and frankly throughout most of the trip starting from day 2, I was bombarded with questions like, " When are you gonna propose?" and "Are you gonna propose while we're here?!" Silently to myself with all the maturity and humility available to me in the circumstance, "If I was... You're Ruining It!!!" Instead, in a calm and thoughtful way I said, "Great question. I'm not sure when we're gonna get engaged." That was good right. That should stop it right there. There's nothing left to work with, right? Then on the roof top of one of the suits sitting on the edge of the wall Rosie asked, with Miranda standing at my side, "Brennan, have you looked at rings yet?" She could so easily lose her balance. Everyone would think it was an accident. The ocean would probably carry her away. No, no that's not right. So, I began to give her the background. I explained Miranda and I have a very good, like solid, relationship and she doesn't need material trinkets like a ring to symbolize our feelings for each other. With this Miranda began to wind herself into a silent fit of, possibly murderous, rage. I smiled a little inside and carried on with my story. Maybe I could salvage this surprise despite the outside efforts. After our tour we were seated. Taking our time to order our appetizers and meals Dr Webster took a moment to say a few words, then he turn the floor over to me. There was a little anxious shuffling around the table. I shared a couple thoughts. There were whispers circling through the seats. I shared my appreciation for the opportunity to be there. Now excited gasps and comments, "He's gonna do it!" I shared how special the Jamaica trip is to Miranda and said, "that is why I'd like to take the opportunity this evening to ask Miranda, Will you marry me?" 

And Miranda said yes! And the rest is history and they have a beautiful future together. It was great fun to meet and work with this sweet couple, congratulations to the newlyweds!

Lead Photographer | Ann Fuentes
Associate Photographer | Alexia Lodwick

Band/DJ | Doug Decker with Grant Hemond and Associates
Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal
Cake | Let Them Eat Cake
Caterer | Sandpearl Resort and Spa
Ceremony Site | Sandpearl Resort and Spa
Event Planner | Artistry Designs Group
Florist | Artistry Designs Group
Hair Stylist | Michele Renee
Invitations | RSVPFL
Make-up Artist | Michele Renee
Reception Venue | Sandpearl Resort and Spa
Videographer | Chi Video
Wedding Gown | Jon’s Bridal