Karen + Christian Step Into The Limelight | St. Mary Our Lady Of Grace Church | Isla Del Sol Yacht and Country Club | St. Petersburg, FL

Kae + Christian met each other six years ago while attending medical school. They didn’t expect to fall in love because they were always very busy eating out, studying, and sleeping, but they did. Kae and Christian have worked very hard to get where they are. Originally from the Philippines, they worked tirelessly through college and surprised their family with their engagement.

This couple lives in the northern U.S. but wanted to have a destination wedding. The part of their wedding day that they looked forward to the most was their beautiful ceremony at Saint Mary Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church. It provided such a special moment as I had the privilege of listening to their family rejoice with the lord and sing hymn’s, blessing Kae + Christian on their wedding day. Once the ceremony concluded, their family was whisked off to Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club to relax and dance the night away in a private yacht club and beach atmosphere.

Kae + Christian compliment each other very well, and I am so excited to see what the future holds for you. Congratulations!

Lead Photographer | Stephanie Duffany
Associate Photographer | Keyont’e Howard

Bridesmaid Dresses | Brideside
Cake | Artistic Whisk
Caterer | Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club
Ceremony Site | Saint Mary Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
DJ | Grant Hemond
Florist | Iza’s Flowers
Hair Stylist | Destiny and Light
Make-up Artist | Destiny and Light
Reception Venue | Isla Del Sol Yacht & Country Club

Laila + Douglas Step Into The Limelight | Streamsong Resort | Bowling Green, FL

Michael and I hit it off instantly with Laila and Doug. This couple is down to earth, sincere, humble, hard working and honest. They met 5 years ago while Laila was managing a tanning salon and Doug kept returning for frequent tanning just to hang around Laila and ask her to go on a date with her! Their first date was at Starbucks and Laila proposed to Doug with a ring pop in their kitchen – the cutest story ever!  You may see images from their engagement portrait session here. They enjoy working out, going to nice dinners, traveling, and hanging out at home with the dogs. 

Their wedding was romantic, vintage and organic. Laila’s dress was a show stopper! And it was incredible to see the look of love in Doug’s eyes when he saw Laila walking down the aisle for their short and sweet ceremony. Laila wrote the ceremony herself! :) One of the best parts of the wedding day was this sweet couple spending time dancing and having fun with the people they love.  Their guests felt comfortable, loved important and a part of something very special! 

We really enjoyed getting to know them and capture part of their love story. 

Lead Photographers | Michael + Rebecca Zoumberos

Band | Michael Anthony Productions
Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal
Cupcakes | DIY Neighbor 
Caterer | Streamsong Resort
Ceremony Site | Streamsong Resort 
Florist | Marigold Flowers Company  
Hair Stylist | Aquali Bridal Salon & Spa
Invitations | Inviting Business Paper Boutique 
Make-up Artist | Aquali Bridal Salon & Spa
Reception Venue | Streamsong Resort 
Videographer | VH Video
Wedding Gown | The White Magnolia

Kristen + Eric Step Into The Limelight | Museum of Fine Arts | St. Petersburg, FL

Kristen + Eric met on a snowy night in Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 2012 and have been on many adventures together ever since. Whether it is snowboarding, cliff jumping, kayaking, hiking, they both have SO much fun together! In true adventurous fashion, Eric proposed to Kristen in a living treehouse in Burlington, Vermont! 

Recently, Kristen + Eric have started a new chapter of their lives by moving to Florida. When Kristen + Eric were deciding where to have their wedding they decided that they wanted their family to experience Florida’s tropical atmosphere, as well as, having their guests embark on an adventure of their own. It just so happens that the weather this time of year is perfect for vacations….and weddings, so there was no better time to showcase their new hometown! 

On their wedding day, the weather was perfect and with a slight breeze ensuring that their northern guests did not get too hot. The ceremony atmosphere at the Museum of Fine Arts’ garden gave a little bit of ‘old Florida’ charm as well as classic elegance. When the ceremony came to conclusion and Kristen + Eric turned to their guests to be announced as husband and wife, their guests erupted in the most exciting and heartfelt moment I have ever experienced. It was a true celebration of love!

Congratulations on becoming Mr. and Mrs. Eric + Kristen, you are one of the sweetest couples I have ever met ♥️

Lead Photographer | Stephanie Duffany
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford

Bridesmaid Dresses | Dessy Group
Cake | Sweet Divas Cakery
Caterer | Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg FL
Ceremony Site | Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg FL
DJ | Randy Leichman, Everlasting Sounds
Event Planner | Nancy, Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg FL
Florist | Leaf it to Us
Hair Stylist | Femme Akoi
Invitations | Minted
Make-up Artist | Femme Akoi
Reception Venue | Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg FL
Wedding Gown | Tulle

Michele + Jim Step Into The Limelight | Sandpearl Resort | Clearwater Beach, FL

Such a fun couple! We LOVED spending time with Michele & Jim on their wedding day.

They know how to love! We all felt it… their guests were all “let in” Michele & Jim made sure to spoke to each guest and hugged their necks. It was a sixth to see!

Michele & Jim, enjoy racing, hockey, their harley rides and travel time… but most of all, they enjoy each other’s company. Each look, each smile, each gesture was so genuine and filled with deeply rooted love. 

They planned for a beach ceremony but what they got was an unexpected last minute change a plans, but did that effect anything? Not at all! They smiled their way through and recited their vows inside as the rain poured outside. This did not seem to phase them… they just went along and their love shined through beautifully.

The skies eventually did clear way and we were able to grab some sunset pictures for Michele & Jim by the water. 

They all danced the night away and had a blast making new memories together.

We are so happy to have been a part of such an incredible day with Michele & Jim, ALL the best to you!

Lead Photographer | Dafne Spencer
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford 

Bridesmaid Dresses | David's Bridal
Cake | Sandpearl Resort
Caterer | Sandpearl Resort
Ceremony Site | Sandpearl Resort
DJ | Grant Hemond and Associates, Inc. | Mike 
Florist | 2birds Events
Hair Stylist | Michele Renee The Studio
Make-up Artist | Michele Renee The Studio
Officiant | Sensational Ceremonies | Rev. Rick Lackore
Reception Venue | Sandpearl Resort
Wedding Gown | David's Bridal

Megan + Ed Step Into The Limelight | Seagate Hotel & Spa + Seagate Country Club | Delray Beach, FL

Megan & Ed met each other at the University of Florida at a dental school and nursing school social. They enjoyed a couple of drinks and danced the night away, only to meet each other the next day for breakfast {the rest, they say is history!}

Instantly we began to see the love these two share for each other. Megan is the sweetest thing ever! She is so genuine, delicate, caring and just a joy to be around. Ed is a true gentleman and cares for others in every way. Their wedding reflected ALL of those attributes as we witnessed Megan & Ed interact with each other, family and friends. It was such a delight to be a part of their day!

When I asked why they selected The Seagate Hotel & Spa and The Seagate Country Club, their answer was so selfless… they wanted a location everyone could enjoy, not only during the wedding day but also the entire weekend with different activities and great restaurants around. They made sure their guests felt welcome, comfortable and a part of the family.

With that in mind, their entire day was impeccable! Beautifully planned and executed by Your Special Day by Joni and her team and we ALL felt at ease and were able to truly enjoy each moment.  I love when I can look back and say, “they truly enjoyed their wedding day” We all felt it, we were all living such great moments together. From the getting ready to the glow sticks send off… it was all elegant, meaningful and fun!

Megan & Ed, thank you so much for having us and allowing us to be a part of such a memorable day! We wish you both ALL the best life can bring,

Lead Photographer | Dafne Spencer
Associate Photographer | Kara Lerchenfeld

Band + DJ | Prime Events and Productions
Bridesmaid Dresses | David's Bridal
Cake | Publix Bakery
Caterer | Seagate Country Club 
Ceremony Site | First Presbyterian Church of Delray Beach
Event Planner | Your Special Day by Joni
Florist | Debbie Coffrin
Hair Stylist | Kiss this Makeup
Invitations | Minted
Make-up Artist | Kiss this Makeup
Reception Venue | Seagate Country Club
Videographer | Affordable Pro Video of South Florida
Wedding Gown | Malindy Elene