Shay + Zeke Step Into The Limelight | The Florida Aquarium | Tampa, FL

Tinder for the win! Don’t you just love modern day dating?
Shay was living is Dayton Ohio when Zeke and his friend (and Best Man) Andreas were visiting a friend at the end of a month long trip to the US in May of 2016. Shay then saw Zeke on Tinder and thought it was really cool that he was Swedish. They hung out for a week before Zeke went back to Sweden. They did keep in touch and their relationship grow stronger from there.

Zeke proposed to Shay in front of a frozen waterfall in Northern Sweden about 6 miles from the border of Norway. They were up north visiting Zeke’s mom and a family friend for Christmas time and they drove out to Ristafallet waterfall the day after Christmas and walked down a hill through about a foot of snow to a frozen waterfall. That is where Zeke got down on one knee (on the ice!) to ask Shay to marry him! How ever so romantic! 

Shay loves his heart. “Zeke is the most kind and generous man that I know and he has such a big heart. I was very guarded when we met but he made it easy for me to fall in love with him”.

Zeke… “I love her because she makes me a better person everyday and her kindness and love fills me with peace and strength to meet the world with”. 

They both love to travel! They have been on many trips together to different countries and some US states and we have many more planned! They also like to play some video games together. They really love taking their dogs for walks out in nature and they enjoy cooking together. 

Zeke & Shay had their legal wedding in Sweden at Stockholm City Hall this past October 2018. They wanted to have a small wedding in Sweden and a reception for Zeke's friends and his extended family. Their wedding in Florida is a continuation of their wedding celebration. They were fortunate to have Zeke's close friends and immediate family in Florida with them and were able to celebrate together.  Shay… “Since I was a girl, I dreamed of walking down the aisle and even though we are already legally married, I am still so excited for that moment when I walk towards him. This wedding is honestly my dream wedding and we are so fortunate that we could have two completely different but beautiful weddings”. 

The wedding colors were Teal, Navy, and Gold so the bridesmaids were in teal mermaid cut dresses and the groomsmen and the man of honor were in tuxes with teal vests and bow-ties. Our flower girls were in teal and ivory dresses and the ring bearers had the same teal bow-ties as the men. There were splashes of all 3 colors throughout the room. Shay’s wedding shoes were teal with ivory starfish on the front and look very “mermaidy". The wedding cake also had an ocean theme.  Shay… “Since I was little, I have wanted to be a mermaid. I have always loved the Ocean and I grew up going to the Florida Aquarium. When Zeke came to Florida in October 2017 to meet my parents, I took him to the Florida Aquarium. When we decided we were getting married, we talked about locations and we agreed that if we were to have a wedding in Florida, we would definitely want it at the Florida Aquarium”.

The ceremony was something special to witness, Shay made sure to incorporate many beautiful jewish traditions and blessings were spoken in English, Hebrew and Swedish. We felt every guest was included and each moment was meticulously thought out, making it such a memorable to unique part of the day.

The reception was truly a celebration, the dancing, the toasts and speeches and the surprises! We could feel the love being poured out from family and friends to Zeke & Shay. Shay’s mom Debrah along with some special guests, surprised the bride and groom with a dance, Ya’ll how fun is that? They called it “The Pickled Herrings”.  They all danced the night away and beautiful memories were made.

We could not be happier for this sweet couple! They made our hearts smile with their love for each other and everyone around them. We LOVED being a part of their special day and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them all over the world. Njut av livet! ❤

Lead Photographer | Dafne Spencer
Associate Photographer | Kara Lerchenfeld

Bridesmaid Dresses | Macy’s
Cake | Hands on Sweets
Caterer | The Florida Aquarium
Ceremony Site | The Florida Aquarium
DJ | Grant Hemond and Associates
Event Planner | Days Remembered | Auburn May 
Florist | Northside Florist
Hair Stylist | Nicole Scavo
Invitations | Minted
Make-up Artist | Denise Burkle
Reception Venue | The Florida Aquarium
Videographer | Abstract Zen
Wedding Gown | Essense of Australia 

Kristine + Jacob Step Into The Limelight | The Florida Aquarium | Tampa, FL

Krissy and Jacob’s love story began on March 22nd, 2013 during their spring semester at the University of Tampa, Jake was a senior and Krissy was a junior.  They were out with their respective friends and local college hang out and bumped into each other. Jake bought Krissy a drink and the rest was history.

The fall of 2017, was a crazy time period for Krissy and Jake. In October, Jake had decided that he wanted to make Krissy his forever and got blessings from Krissy’s parents. Krissy’s parents then gave Jake a diamond. Jake decided on a plan to propose to Krissy in Florida during Christmas. However, tragedy happened when Krissy’s dad got hurt in a hunting accident. So, Jake changed his plan. He, Krissy, and their fur baby Chase drove up to Cleveland for the holidays to spend time with her family. While they were headed out to dinner in downtown Cleveland Jake saw the city square lit up so beautifully that he stopped and asked Krissy to come with him. They were standing in front of the Christmas tree and Jake dropped down on one knee. 

Krissy and Jake love everything about each other, especially how they are able to make one another laugh. They are truly best friends in every way and love spending time on the beach walking their fur babies, Chase and Hayden. For their wedding they decided to have it in Tampa since it is where they met and where they live. Most of their family are from the Ohio and New Jersey so it was a perfect time to get their family out of the freezing north and enjoy some beautiful Tampa weather. Krissy and Jake’s inspiration for their wedding was to incorporate their love for animals and what better place to do it than The Florida Aquarium! They even had extra special guests at the ceremony, penguins!

Congratulation’s on finding your forever Krissy + Jake!

Lead Photographer | Stephanie Duffany
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford

Cake | The Artistic Whisk
Caterer | Aramark
Ceremony Site | The Florida Aquarium
DJ | Grant Hemond & Associates
Event Planner | CJ Inzirillo, Days Remembered by ND
Florist | Jennie’s Flower’s
Getting Ready Location | Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay
Hair Stylist | LDM Beauty Group 
Make-up Artist | LDM Beauty Group
Officiant | Michael Moriarity
Reception Venue | The Florida Aquarium
Transportation | Escot Bus Lines + L3 Limo

Amanda + James Step Into The Limelight | The Florida Aquarium | Tampa, FL

In 2014, James was finishing up his residency and Amanda was working as a nurse on the orthopedic unit at a hospital in St. Petersburg. James initiated their friendship at work by coming to where Amanda’s unit to bring her coffee and conversation. They both seemed to work off the same humor and it was effortless to make one another laugh. One day James worked up the courage to ask Amanda for her phone number. They went on several dates and James swept Amanda off her feet! 

James proposed to Amanda after taking her out to a romantic dinner at Armani’s. They came home and Amanda went to pet their dog Stella when she discovered that James had placed an engagement ring around her collar. When James saw that she noticed the ring, he got down on one knee while holding Stella and asked Amanda to marry him! What made it even more memorable was that The University of Florida baseball team won the College World Series National Championship! They are huge Gators fans…so they celebrated their engagement with champagne, laughs, love, and a National Championship! 

James and Amanda originally planned on getting married on Duck Key in The Florida Keys, however, Hurricane Irma damaged their wedding venue and they were forced to relocate. James and Amanda love sea life, so after touring The Florida Aquarium they knew it was where they wanted to say their wedding vows.

Congratulations Amanda + James we are very excited for this new chapter in your lives together as husband and wife! 

Lead Photographer | Stephanie Duffany 
Associate Photographer | Audrey Clifford

Bridesmaid Dresses | Adrianna Papell
Cake | Hands on Sweets
Caterer | Aramark
Ceremony Site | The Florida Aquarium 
DJ | On The Move Productions
Event Planner | Events by Jessyca
Florist | Events in Bloom
Hair Stylist | Studio Bride
Invitations | Watercolor Design Studio
Make-up Artist | Studio Bride
Reception Venue | The Florida Aquarium
Videographer | Resurgent Fire Films
Wedding Gown | CC's Bridal Boutique

Elizabeth + Mathieu Step Into The Limelight | University of Tampa + The Florida Aquarium | Tampa, FL

Tinder + Honesty + Cats = Elizabeth & Mathieu

Are you wondering how it all ads up?

Elizabeth & Matthew are a result of modern love, they met on Tinder in 2016. They can both truthfully say, they can be themselves around each other and they both are amazed on how they are still together! They are so silly together and they really do enjoy being around each other. They both share a LOVE for cats!

They love traveling together, trying new restaurants and cuisines and going to the movies.

Oh and did I mention, Mathieu is french? Yes! And they both live in Paris! How amazing is that?

Their wedding was so charming, modern yet vintage with a touch of class. We LOVED Elizabeth’s dramatic wedding gown, the additional lace detailed cape was absolutely everything! And then, for the ceremony Elizabeth added the most gorgeous cathedral veil… we were in awe of the gorgeousness!

Their unique style led them to select The Florida Aquarium as their ceremony + reception venue. It was pure perfection! They danced the night away with the fishes and all was well with the world.

Elizabeth & Mathieu we wish you both all the JOYS life can bring. You deserve LOVE and everything NICE.

Lead Photographer: Dafne Spencer
Associate Photographer: Audrey Clifford

Bridesmaid Dresses |  David's Bridal
Cake | Hands On Sweets
Caterer | Aramark
Ceremony Site | The Florida Aquarium
DJ |  Grant Hemond
Event Planner | Days Remembered by ND
Florist | Tailored Twig
Hair Stylist | Destiny & Light
Invitations | Vistaprint
Make-up Artist | Destiny & Light
Reception Venue | The Florida Aquarium
Wedding Gown | Pronovias