Aimee and Korey Step Into The Limelight | Sand Key | Sand Key Park, FL Engagement Photography

They met in high school. Korey was a grade above Aimee so for the first years they knew of each other but didn't actually meet until Korey's senior year and Aimee's junior. A connection was made and the two became close friends, started dating spending the next several years growing together experiences some of their greatest highs and lows with one another. Some find love expecting/dreaming of a fairytale and others find love in real life and create their own fairytale, their own story. These two are well on the path to creating a life full of love, laughter, life and family. It was such a joy meeting these two, Leigh and Michael, and their wonderful father. We had a such a great time with the sunrise session (they were all troopers for starting so early!!), finishing up where the two first met at Seminole High School. What an easy-going, fun-loving couple! We combined the session with Leigh and Michael for 15 minutes. This family is truly a beautiful, tight-knit family. Watching their dynamic was inspiring for both Christi and I who will be photographing their beautiful wedding in September of this year.  We look forward to working with them and sharing in what will be a memorable day. Congratulations to Aimee and Korey! And also Leigh and Michael!